Improve your eyesight naturally

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There is a lot of talk and literature devoted to exercises to improve your eyesight naturally. They go so far as to say that Spectacles harm your eyes and promote deterioration of sight, keeping the eye industry alive and well.

I am a great supporter of using natural methods to gain better health. I am going to give these exercises a try and see what progress has been made after about a month (starting 28 May 2015).

The following video shows a simple exercise for the eyes and concentrates on relaxing your eyes. It’s a good one to start with.

The next video shows exercises which are a little more involved and touches on the ‘improvement of sight’ aspect.

The following video contains some exercises that are reported to improve your vision. I was aware of some of them and have tried them intermittently. Not regular enough to claim a lot of benefits. There is an upsell in this. Don’t get caught up in that. I believe if these exercises are done over a period of time, there should be an improvement. Let’s see how it goes.

William H Bates was the doctor who is credited with pioneering the improvement of your eyesight through exercises. Below is the link if you are interested in purchasing his book. It is a very detailed read and is not ‘thriller’ reading content!

Good luck with the exercises. Let’s see what improvements we have.


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